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Color Balls is a high-speed anti-gravity racing game with a colorful twist. Set in a vibrant abstract universe, the colors of your ball and the world determine how fast (or slow) you get to go. Modify the track with bright colors as you zip through tunnels planning the perfect route for your next lap.

As Zoako Studios first official title, Color Balls embodies what we as a studio want to see in a game: Simple but innovative mechanics that stretch your creativity. Each tunnel starts out with very simple features, and some pools of paint you can pick up and mix. Once you have picked up paint you quickly change the traits of the tunnel creating a variety of colorful paths. In your next pass-through, an ideal path can quickly turn into a death trap if you didn’t plan well enough or make a wrong turn.


Color Balls was initially conceptualized in 2013. The game is currently in open beta.

A Steam Greenlight submission for the PC version is planned in November 2016.

A final public release to storefronts is scheduled for Q2 2017.


(the following reflect features intended in final release)

  • Fully colorable environments – there are endless options to experiment with strategies

  • 10 ridiculously challenging Tunnels to race through

  • Online leaderboards to provide an extra challenge

  • 2 playable game modes offering unique experiences

  • 15-song exclusive soundtrack


  • Beta Gameplay

  • Greenlight Teaser Trailer

  • Greenlight Gameplay Trailer

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About Zoako Studios

Zoako Studios is an independent game development studio founded and operated by Keerthik O and John Watson. We focus on creative mechanics that are simple and elegant but fresh and unique at the same time.

Learn more about Zoako Studios here.

Color Balls Credits

John ‘Zoator’ Watson

Programming, Graphics Systems, Level Design, Design

Keerthik ‘kOrc’ O

Programming, Tools, UI Design, Design

Jered Rutan, Galactic Bass


Various Contractors