Color Balls is a high-speed anti-gravity racing game with a colorful twist. Set in a vibrant abstract universe, the colors of your ball and the world determine how fast (or slow) you get to go. Modify the track with bright colors as you zip through tunnels planning the perfect route for your next lap.

As Zoako Studios first official title, Color Balls embodies what we as a studio want to see in a game: Simple but innovative mechanics that stretch your creativity. Each tunnel starts out with very simple features, and some pools of paint you can pick up and mix. Once you have picked up paint you quickly change the traits of the tunnel creating a variety of colorful paths. In your next pass-through, an ideal path can quickly turn into a death trap if you didn’t plan well enough or make a wrong turn.

Color Balls is developed by Zoako Studios.

Zoako Studios

Zoako Studios is an independent game development studio founded and operated by Keerthik O and John Watson. We focus on creative mechanics that are simple and elegant but fresh and unique at the same time.

John ‘Zoator’ Watson

One of the grand-daddies of modern day Tower Defense games through his ZoatorTD WarCraft III maps, he has decided the world is finally ready for his visions of game mechanics unfettered by proprietary map editors.

Keerthik ‘kOrc’ Omanakuttan

Few things are longer than his name, besides the length of his relationship with gaming. Keerthik made his first pencil-n-paper game at the age of 7 which had a whopping 15 MAU for nearly a year and never ceased to design and build games. After having worked on fitness and motion games on the mobile platform, he’s finally returning to his roots making cut-throat PC games with John.

Together we are ZoakO Studios.