A high-speed anti-gravity racing game with a colorful twist. Coming soon to PC and Mac.

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Set in a vibrant abstract universe, the colors of your ball and the world determine how fast (or slow) you get to go. Modify the track with bright colors as you zip through tunnels planning the perfect route for your next lap.

The Track is Your Canvas

In Color Balls, the track is your canvas, and it’s up to you to paint it to your advantage. Gather colors from pools scattered throughout the track to change the color of your ball and the trail it leaves behind.

Mix Colors

Pick up different colors to mix them into a new color. Grab both yellow and magenta to turn your ball red, or cyan and yellow if you want to paint green. Acquire all three primary paint colors to get black, but be careful! You lose colors as you paint with them, so keeping mixed colors can be a challenge.

Colors are the Keys to Speed

Roll over trails or into obstacles of a color you don't have in your ball, and they will slow you down. If you have the right colors in your ball, they will boost you instead. Mixed colors amplify both the bonuses and the penalties, with black having the biggest payoffs (or the harshest drawbacks).

Your desired path through the track will change with the color of your ball, making each lap different from the last. Obstacles and trails you once avoided can become advantageous. When your ball is black, zip through the level hitting every obstacle you can to try to top the leaderboards!


12 challenging tracks with unique mechanics

Global leaderboards

Ghost Challenge: Race against other players' ghosts worldwide

Unlockable bonus tracks and game modes

Exclusive soundtrack

Coming soon to PC & Mac via Steam